Friday, 15 June 2012

Hair: Snake-y Bun

*Updated 6/21/12

I have no idea what this hair style is actually called, but I've decided it should be called the snake-y bun. You'll see why in just a little bit. 

I decided that I should become awesome at doing my own hair. I currently have two hairstyles: whatever my hair wants to do and straightened to the point of lifelessness. I saw my 14-year-old niece doing her hair in this snake-y bun when we were all at my parents' house, and it didn't look too difficult. Since I had some extra time today I decided I would start becoming awesome at doing my hair immediately.  

I figured I would need wet hair, hairspray, bobby pins, and a hair twisty. 
My original batch of bobby pins.

Then I decided I might need more.

I wasn't sure how my niece started the process of the snake-y bun, and rather than ask for guidance, I jumped right in and decided that it starts in a low ponytail.
High enough that the snake-y hair isn't
 resting on my neck when it's done.
As you can see, I waited until my hair had air-dried enough not to be dripping, but maybe a little too dry seeing as you can't even tell that it's wet in the picture.

I then took smallish chunks of hair and simultaneously began twisting the chunks of hair and pushing the chunk towards my head. Once the piece was entirely twisted and nestled up against my head I secured the piece with a bobby pin.

The beginning of the snake-y bun.

As this went on my hair started to get really dry, and I discovered how difficult it is to do your hair on the back of your head when you can't see it.

My finished product.
Well, let's just say that I did not become awesome at doing my own hair today. I will, however, leave it in and see if it'll give me some decent curl when I take it out.

What I learned:
1) I need more specific instruction if I'm going to attempt to do my own hair.
2) With this specific hairstyle I shouldn't let my hair dry out so much before starting.
3) I should invest in a spray bottle so I can spray my hair if it starts to dry out during the process.
4) I need to unpack my hand mirror so I can see the back of my head as I'm going.
5) It didn't take nearly as many bobby pins as I thought.
6) Hairspray doesn't fix hair incompetence.
7) I need to workout - my arms got tired.
8) I've been right my whole life: it's more fun and turns out better to have somebody else do your hair.
*9) It did not give me decent curl, but it did give the bottom half of my hair a lot of volume.

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