Friday, 24 August 2012

Redo: Lamp

Baby stuff is so expensive. Like, really. To get the crib, dresser, and bedding set that I wanted would have cost us $500. Since we're poor I've been trying to get everything used instead. This means that we've bought  the crib, dresser, and bedding set for $120 instead. This also means some extra work. 

The bedding set is a cute safari theme and it came with a lamp whose lampshade was falling apart. The girl I bought it from said I just need to get some cloth tape to reattach the metal frames. If such a thing as cloth tape really exists, I couldn't find it. I instead bought bias tape and liquid stitch.

My tools.

The bottom metal frame.

My attempts at tastefully reattaching it.

The top metal frame.

Top and bottom freshly attached.
Just don't look too closely.

What I learned:
1. I have no idea what craft materials are available in this world.
2. It's hard to attach things to something circular.
3. I need to practice my craft skills.
4. Liquid stitch is easier to apply with my finger than a q-tip.

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