Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cookies: Mint Chocolate Cookies

Fail. In fact, fail twice. Some fails don't bother me, but this one really did. Maybe because I failed twice. Anyways, I found this recipe through Pinterest and when I tried to get the link for this blog post Pinterest said they blocked it to protect me from spam. Weird.

Well, come walk with me through a recipe I learned I don't like. (Because Pinterest has blocked the link I can't post the actual recipe. Don't worry; you won't miss it. Let's just say the amount of flour it called for should have made me suspicious.)

Most of the ingredients. (I think all that's missing
 is the butter, sugar, and crazy amounts of flour.)

Everything all mixed together.
Does that look right to you?

I had to squish the dough together between my
palms to try and make it take cookie form.

My finished product.
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
What they were supposed to look like.
I take full responsibility for my first failure because I accidentally used half as much butter as I should have. The second time, however, I did it EXACTLY the way the recipe said to and it turned out EXACTLY the same. I seriously think the recipe called for waaay too much flour. These cookies were expensive and a flop. I'll never make them again.

What I Learned:
1) Be wary of recipes that call for large amounts of dry ingredients and few wet ingredients...especially when the final product is supposed to stick together.
2) It's hard to find mint extract. Everyone wants to try and give you peppermint instead.
3) Andes Mints taste better not in a cookie.
4) It's a glorified sugar cookie.

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