Monday, 10 February 2014

Papercrafting: Christmas Cards 2013

I love Christmas cards. I really do. It's just part of what makes the season all that it is. The first year we were married my husband gave me a resounding 'no' when I asked what he thought about Christmas cards. After we received a handful from family and friends he then decided that maybe sending Christmas cards out would be alright.

This year I attempted to make my own Christmas cards in an effort to save a few cents and to see what I could do. Since I didn't really have any of the tools necessary to make cards I doubt I saved any money. I only purchased items on sale or with coupons, but it still added up. Plus, of course, the materials to make the cards.

All of the materials for my cards...I think.
I spent the first while just cutting out snowflakes using the Fiskars snowflake cutout thingamajig. It was incredibly frustrating. At first I thought perhaps it was because of the thickness and texture of the paper, but then I experimented on various papers, and the result was the same. Very, very difficult to punch out. Eventually I got all of the snowflakes I needed, plus a bruised heel of my hand.

I cut out the light blue paper for the card itself; cut out the vellum for stamping; cut out the pebble-y, silver paper to go beneath the vellum; glued it all together with rubber cement. The rubber cement with the vellum and pebble-y paper turned out kind of odd.

The final step for the outside of the card was to add the snowflakes. I used little glue dots to attach them.

For the inside I just printed out a little letter on nice cardstock and rubber cemented it inside. The overall product ended up feeling unfinished to me, so, I was ultimately disappointed with the project once I looked at how much time and money I put into it. I think next year I will just pay someone else.

What I Learned:
1) Papercrafting tools and supplies are expensive.
2) I might need assistance in finding what my papercrafting projects need as far as 'finishing touches' go.
3) I do enjoy having busy hands and creating something.
4) Not all Fiskars punches are made the same.
5) I have no idea how to attach vellum without the adhesive appearing through it.

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