Thursday, 6 March 2014

Upcycle: Cork Board to Jewelry Board

So, this is one of those projects that I am both proud of and disappointed in. Mr. Mitchell has had this cork board floating around since I met him that he would pin random anythings to. When we moved this last time the frame for the cork board broke and he decided he was no longer interested in it. I decided to try and turn it into a jewelry board. I didn't want to buy an expensive jewelry case, and the way my jewelry is stored now I never see it, so I never wear it.

I bought all of the materials for the jewelry board at JoAnn except for the frame (which is made of vinyl molding from Home Depot).

I am not one to conceptualize and create without any assistance, so I am very proud that I visualized and was able to find what I needed to create the board.

I am disappointed that it turned out so bland. I know I could have used brighter colors, but I'm not really a neon kind of girl. Oh, well. It's functional. This is what it looks like with every piece of jewelry I own (half of which I will never wear, but keep for other reasons). 

The earrings are in little pouches made of vinyl.

The necklaces are hanging off of Tim Holtz buttons:

The bracelets and rings are hanging off of Tim Holtz doo-daddy thingies that look like keys in locks:

What I Learned:
1) I don't own enough jewelry to have gone to the work this project took.
2) I would be lost without Mr. Mitchell and his tools (so I could force the keys into the locks - silly me, I assumed they would fit).
3) I'm not very good at designing or interior decorating.
4) If I really want something to get done, and it's in my power, I can get 'er done.

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