Saturday, 23 January 2016

KIR*: Gelatinous Cheesecake

Is cheesecake supposed to be gelatinous you ask? No. No, it's not. That didn't stop mine from turning out that way.

I asked my mother what I could contribute for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, we're going back in time a little bit for this particular moment in my file of life embarrassments), and she said pop and cheesecake. Pop = easy. Done. Cheesecake = never done it before. Educational opportunity.

I found this recipe for the "BEST CHEESECAKE EVER" at Plain Chicken. Now, I'm not going to speak out against the recipe itself because I have no idea for sure what caused the gelatinous monster to occur. (I will note that had the cheesecake turned out to be successful it would have been a 'Sweets' post and not a 'KIR' post. *sigh* Thus is life.) The recipe itself is simple to follow and doesn't require any weird ingredients (just an excessive amount of cream cheese - more than I ever simply happen to have on hand anyways).

My 3-year-old helped me create the gelatinous monster and loved it. I was a bit more hesitant. I don't have a springform pan (error #1 most likely) and ended up using a 9-inch pie pan instead. Our rental has an older oven that we still haven't quite figured out (error #2 I'm guessing). Anyways, I baked it for 35 min. just like I was told to, and then I left it in the oven for exactly one hour after the oven was turned off because that's what the recipe said to do, and I'm obedient like that. When I pulled it out the entire thing jiggled and slopped around. Weird. I turned the oven back on, baked it for another 10 minutes, and then left it in the oven for a bit more after turning it off. When I took it out this time it looked like the desert, was enormous, and just as jiggly! I could hear it talking like Jaba the Hut and had to immediately put it down.

After I kept my distance for some time and slowly watched Jaba the Cheesecake sink back to a normal size it seemed to set a bit and not be so jiggly, but I was still wary, especially since I had let it brown quite a bit. I called my mom to apologize and tell her that there will be no cheesecake for Thanksgiving. She didn't even bat an eye and immediately said, "I'll just buy one."  Apparently it was a foregone conclusion that my cheesecake would stink. I appreciate the growing opportunity, Mom. Thank you. Thank you for helping me learn.

What I Learned:
1) My Star Wars loving husband is rubbing off on me.
2) I shouldn't be asked to bake for important events.
3) I am much further from being a 'Domestic Diva' than I realized.

*KIR = Keepin' It Real

P.S. At Thanksgiving my family told me that this is what baked, home-made cheesecake looks like. That may be, but I'm pretty sure it isn't suppose to jiggle like my post-partum belly.

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