Friday, 1 January 2016

KIR*: I Speak Spanish!

Not really, but for a moment there, I thought I had mastered the language.

Have you been watching The Time In Between on Netflix? (Or El Tiempo Entre Costuras as we fluent Spanish speakers like to say.) It's a good one if you like period pieces. I was hesitant at first because you have to watch it using subtitles since it is a Spanish series, but it's worth it. Just make sure you're watching when nothing will require you to drag your eyes away from the TV. The story is full of romance and intrigue and is chock-full of history. (I truly was clueless to the fact that Spain had a civil war that ended JUST before WWII broke out... ... ...please tell me I am not the only person with a high school diploma that never learned that.) The storyline, while not overly complicated, is such that you really don't want to miss anything in those subtitles because you might become quite confused later. Que my sudden Spanish language enlightenment:

I have been watching this show with hawk-like eyes to make sure I don't miss a thing. Listening to the rapid Spanish is entertaining, and every once in awhile I think I hear something I understand, though the reality is I just happened to read it in the subtitles. Enter a gregarious blonde who talks a lot with many exclamations. As she's rambling away I find myself understanding what she's saying without reading the subtitles! It's amazing! I have somehow conquered in a few episodes what many people cannot do all throughout high school! I am completely understanding this Spanish show! Then I notice that I can't read the subtitles. Then it dawns on me that the subtitles are in Spanish because the gregarious blonde chick is English y'all! Ha...ha...ha. It's a good thing I was watching that show alone during my own blonde moment or I might have had to start clawing my way into the couch never to return. Even with no one else in the room I'm pretty sure my cheeks were bright red. I'm sharing this mortifying moment with you because it's a real life moment, and I'm here to keep it real with all of my fellow closet idiots.

I do highly recommend this show though. The clothes alone that the star wears makes it worth the time. It's like the perfect cross between vintage Grace Kelly and modern-day Kate Middleton. I want almost the entirety of Sira's wardrobe. Think this picture times 20.

Seriously, if you're a period piece lover, you'll love this one!

What I Learned:
1) I DON'T speak Spanish.
2) Watching foreign shows with subtitles isn't as killer as I thought.
3) Spain had a civil war in the late 30s.

*KIR = Keepin' It Real

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