Monday, 1 February 2016

TV: When Calls the Heart

So, has anybody else been crushing on a certain Canadian Mountie these days? No? Just me? Well, let me help you change your mind.

A while back I was given a list of the best period pieces to watch on Netflix, and When Calls the Heart was listed as one of them. My sister-in-law gave it a green light, so, I settled down for a nice binge session while my husband was out of town.

The Dish:
1) Some of the acting is bleh and cheesy.
2) I'm not sure how believable the hair and clothing styles are...I'm no authority on 1910s fashions, but they don't quite seem right to me every once in awhile.
3) Did I mention the cheese?

I still got hooked. I happily finished the first season and eagerly waited to see what mischief would wait for the love birds in the future. I was not disappointed.

The characters (old and new) in the second season are so much more enjoyable (except for one, but I'll keep that opinion to myself...for now)! I love the way they go more in-depth into the characters' background and the way they really round them out. Some of the new faces are very fun, and I was interested in every story line being told (except for one...related to that one up there...that I'm keeping to myself for now).

But, you guys, the cliff hanger at the end of this season is almost too much to bear. Everything was going hunky-dory, and then Charles shows up. Dang you, Charles. Poor Jack. Poor Elizabeth. Are you completely lost right now? Let me educate you:

This is Elizabeth. She begins it all.
Trying to figure out her place in life, this big city girl from a wealthy family finds herself in the world of the rough frontier. She feels the need to prove that she's more than her privileged upbringing and finds herself in all sorts of scrapes and experiencing a lot of growth.

This is Jack. He steals your heart.
He was reassigned from a big assignment to Coal Valley in order to ensure peacekeeping - is it a coincidence that a Mountie presence is suddenly required at the same time a prominent society figure's daughter arrives? No. Que awkward tension. Still, a little bit of pride, and a lot of endearing acts make an impression.

This is Charles. He messes it all up.
Elizabeth's childhood friend with everything to recommend him. You really can't help but like him, but how dare he? His presence makes you feel badly for all three of them.

Are you more confused than before? Possibly. Have I prompted you to watch a heartfelt cheese-fest? Absolutely.

Have fun!

Things I Learned:
1) I'm still a hopeless romantic.
2) Love triangles are the devil.
3) I might have a chance at an acting career on the Hallmark channel.

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