Thursday, 29 September 2016

Blogs For a 'Schlumpy' Day

There are days where I feel down in the schlumps, for no apparent reason, and I need a quick pick-me-up. It might be that I need a laugh, or that I need inspiration, but I just need a little something to get my gears turning again. One of my go-to's is blogs.

On 'schlumps' days I avoid the parenting/family/home blogs because they just add to the pressure and make me feel worse. I prefer blogs that focus on other things or nothing in particular. Below are four of my current favorite blogs that help take me somewhere else for a few minutes so I can recharge my 'happy' batteries.

1) The Bloggess
Sometimes serious, usually funny, always (Well, almost. Sometimes it's just plain ridiculous.) uplifting, this blog is an encouraging and fun read for me. I enjoy her unique outlook on life, her odd quirks, and her lovable family. There is sometimes profanity, but it rarely detracts from the message she is conveying.

This is a picture of her newest book. I haven't read it yet, but it probably tastes the same as her blog. Yes, taste. Roll with it.

2) Cakewrecks
This blog successfully makes me laugh every time I look at it. On occasion I have laughed until tears are rolling down my cheeks. It's a constant mockery of bakeries that produce terrible cakes, and, on Sundays, they showcase truly beautiful cakes that fill me with admiration and envy. Try this one if you need a guaranteed smile.

3) Delicious Reads
This one might not appeal to people that don't love to read, but perhaps you'll discover a book that actually intrigues you. Whether or not a reader, you might want to take a peak. They have the most adorable book club meetings. These are meetings I could never do due to lack of time, resources, money, and friends, but it's fun to see what they do anyways. They provide book reviews, reading suggestions, book-inspired gifts and food, etc. I love seeing what they have to say.

4) The Londoner
This is a newer discovery for me, and I love it! She has beautiful pictures of her simply living life. The blog is simple and fun and inspiring. Her most recent posts have been about a trip to a little island I've never heard of before, but is now on my 'must-see-someday' list. Read this blog if you need some beauty, whether in the day-to-day or the exotic, she has them all.

These blogs have been my best friends the past week as I've been battling the 'schlumps.' Any other suggestions?

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