Monday, 6 March 2017

FHE - Word of Wisdom for Small Children

I wanted to do a Family Home Evening from the Doctrine & Covenants since that is the book we are focusing on in Sunday School this year. I decided the simplest topic for my small children would be the Word of Wisdom. This was a good, focused introduction into healthy eating that my children haven't had yet beyond what we discuss while preparing meals. Enjoy!

Word of Wisdom for Small Children

Song: The Lord Gave Me A Temple, Children’s Songbook, pg. 153

Scripture: Deuteronomy 14:3 - “Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing.”

  • Ask children to share their favorite thing to eat. Ask whether or not they think it is good for their bodies.
  • Share that Heavenly Father has filled the earth with good things for us to eat, and that he wants us to eat those good things to take care of the body we are blessed to have.
    • Share an abbreviated story of how the Word of Wisdom came to be: Joseph prayed to Heavenly Father about concerns Emma had because of men using tobacco in her home. Joseph received the Word of Wisdom as his answer. The Word of Wisdom teaches how to best take care of our bodies so we can better enjoy life and be able to fulfill our purposes here on earth.
  • Read the Word of Wisdom out loud with food cutouts (link to printable below) placed on the floor. Have children locate the food cutouts as you read. Stop and discuss/clarify as often as needed. Emphasize blessings promised.
    • Health
    • Wisdom
    • Hidden treasures
    • Energy
    • Protection
  • Share Elder Uchtdorf’s experience found in his talk "Continue in Patience" : He was training as a pilot and was required to run often and at great length. He began to notice he wasn’t running as fast as others and was tired even though he was following the Word of Wisdom. He was frustrated at the time, but later he realized the Lord’s blessings are not always fulfilled in the way we hope or in the time-frame we want, but his promises are always kept. If Elder Uchtdorf had not been following the Word of Wisdom during his training he would have been even more tired and not run as well as he had been. Sometimes the blessings given from following the Word of Wisdom are subtle, but they are there.

Activity: Hold onto grocery store ads throughout the week and have them ready with scissors, paper, and glue. Have children cut out foods that are in line with the Word of Wisdom and glue them on their paper.

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